Using A Hotel Venue With A Meeting Space And Catering for Your Business Meeting

14 February 2020
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When you are hosting important meetings, trainings, or other business seminars and you don't have enough room in your commercial space, it can be easiest to find a hotel with a conference room. Even small meeting rooms can be enough.

There are a lot of different things that you want to inquire about when picking the best venue and location for your needs. Here are things to ask when you call around your local area to find the perfect business meeting location.

Proper Electronic and Technology Needs

Find a hotel that has any type of smart board, projection, or any other type of electronic features that you need. This way, you can set up any presentations, or those that are joining the meeting can utilize what they need to. You also want to be sure that the internet speed will be adequate for what you need to stream for the meeting.

Catering Options

You will need to be able to bring in the right catered food without error. Talk with the hotel when you call to get a price on the room to see what restaurants they suggest for catering, what they cater in the most, and what will be reliable. The venue may have their own catering service or restaurant they require you to order from, so it's best to browse the menu before you are stuck with that as your only choice.

Rooms Available

If you have people that will be coming in from out of town and you know they need a place to stay, see if you can get the rooms at the same location at a group rate. This can save everyone money, and then they will have the convenience of not having to travel for the meeting since they are already at the venue.

Be sure that you find out about the setup of the room and how they can accommodate the number of people that you'll have with seating. If you are looking to have everyone at one large table or if you want it set up a certain way, these are details that should be ironed out in advance.

If you know that your small office doesn't have the space to accommodate a business event that you need to host, then you want to talk with a local hotel with meeting rooms that can serve your needs. Set a budget and plan out the event early to avoid complications.