Mistakes You Should Never Make During a Hotel Stay

25 February 2020
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Many people look forward to staying in hotels and enjoying this home away from home as part of their vacation. In fact, relaxing in a hotel can often be some of the most fun moments of a trip. However, if you make these faux pas during your hotel stay, you may have an unpleasant time. 

Never Try to Sneak in Cats or Dogs 

Your pets are beloved members of the family, and they are also valued guests at many hotels. However, some hotels have strict pet-free policies for a variety of reasons. Other hotels accept pets with a fee, while yet others allow well-behaved pets to stay without extra charges. No matter what your hotel's policy is, don't lie about whether pets will be staying in the room. Be completely up front with the manager about any furry friends you have with you.

Don't Forget to Have Extra Money for the Credit Card Hold

Most hotels will authorize an extra hold on your card. That can be frustrating if you are traveling on a budget. Make sure that you have at least $200 on your credit or debit card that you won't need during your trip. If you're not sure how much your hotel will hold on the card, call them for an estimate before your stay. That way, you won't be stuck with a hold that's too large that could potentially sabotage your vacation.

Never Go in the Hotel Pool Without Showering First 

Hotel pools are there for the enjoyment of guests. Unfortunately, guests who don't follow the rules can spoil the experience for others and even lead to a temporary closure of the pool. Most pools will have posted rules, and guests must typically shower before getting in the swimming pool. Even if your hotel doesn't have that posted rule, it's still considerate to shower before swimming. That helps prevent the spread of germs. 

Don't Forget To Tip the Maid and Bellman

If you are staying at a hotel where maid service is offered daily, make an effort to tip the maid at least a couple of dollars per day. In nicer hotels, you may tip $5 or more per day, especially if you are leaving a mess for the maid every day. While hotel staff members should never express their displeasure to you about a lack of tipping, you will enjoy improved service and peace of mind if you tip fairly. 

Finally, try to make the most of your vacation by planning your trip well in advance. Also, choose your hotel carefully to avoid a bad match. Always look at the details of your accommodations and determine whether the amenities are suitable. If not, keep looking because selecting a hotel where you can relax in the style you want will help you establish a relaxed vibe for your entire vacation.