How to Find the Right Hamptons Home Rental for Summer

27 February 2020
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One of the more popular and exclusive destinations to spend a summer vacation is in the Hamptons. Located along Long Island, the Hamptons consists of several towns and villages. Some are nestled right along the ocean with gorgeous beachfront properties and others are more inland.

If you are thinking of spending some time in the Hamptons this summer and are looking for the right home rental for you, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Closer to the City or a Quiet Place?

One of the first choices you will have to make is determining what type of vacation do you want. Would you prefer to be closer to the city or in another town with plenty of shopping, restaurants, and nightclubs? Then you might want to choose rentals in Southampton.

On the other hand, do you prefer a quieter place further away from the bustle of the big city? Then you might want to look for rentals in Montauk or East Hampton. If you would like a mix of both the quiet and the proximity to New York City, then perhaps Bridgehampton might be more your style.

A Beach Rental or Not?

The Hamptons are known for their long stretches of beaches and large houses, but you can find Hampton home rentals away from the water too. Do you want to stay as close to the beach as possible? Then you can find homes across all budgets toward the south end of the major highway.

If you would prefer to have access to a beach but don't necessarily want to stay there, you can find great rentals north of the main highway. There, you can find beautiful woodlands and bayside properties, and still be within driving distance of the beach.

Home Rentals in Your Price Range

The Hamptons are known for their large luxury homes with high rental prices. You might wonder if you can rent a home here at all. You can find Hampton home rentals across all price ranges and depending on when you decide to rent, you can find good deals too. For example, if you want a lower-priced Hampton rental, then you can find good prices in the east portion of the Hamptons. If you rent north of the highway, you can find lower rental costs as well in many of these areas.

If pricing isn't a factor for you, then renting as early as possible will be the main deciding factor. It's best to rent homes in the central or western towns as early in the season as possible to avoid disappointment. 

For more help, contact services that can help you find a Hamptons rental home.