The Benefits of Staying at an on-Site Hotel on Your Next Theme Park Trip

22 September 2020
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Is your family planning a big trip to a theme park or amusement park in the near future? Maybe you're going to a full-fledged entertainment property with everything from roller coasters to live shows? If so, one of the first questions you'll have to answer is where you are going to stay during the trip. While there are more options than ever before for vacation lodging, there are still a number of great benefits to be gained by staying at an on-site property. Here's why you might want to look into a Disney or Universal Studios hotel that is owned and operated by whatever park you are attending.

Roll Out of Bed and Start Having Fun

When you stay at a hotel or a bed and breakfast off-site from the amusement park, there will likely be a commute for you to actually get to the fun and excitement of the park. You'll have to pay for a ride-share or rent a car and there might be a long line to get into the parking lot or a long walk from the lot to the park itself. 

When you stay at an on-site hotel, you will be much closer to the action. There may even be free transportation that will take you directly from the hotel or lodging to the park. The lodging environment itself might even be themed in the same way the amusement park is and might offer some additional fun and games for your kids or family members.

Special Discounts or Merchandise Opportunities

Every theme park is different and the exact discounts or opportunities might change over time, but theme park companies that run their own hotel will often provide special amenities or discounts for guests who choose an all-inclusive package that includes both theme park tickets and lodging. You might get a discount on anything you buy in certain shops within the park, or you might be given special access to certain merchandise that is only available to hotel guests.

Get in Early or Stay Late

Again, the exact terms and conditions may change over time, but many theme park companies that run their own hotel will offer hotel guests extra time in the park. You might be able to show up at the park an hour before opening, for example, and ride your favorite ride before the public gets in.

To learn more, visit an on-site hotel at the amusement park of your choice.