Three Undeniable Reasons To Stay At Bed And Breakfast Inn Instead Of A Hotel

8 November 2021
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When traveling to a different location for business or pleasure, you typically have to decide between staying in a hotel or a bed and breakfast inn if you don't plan on staying with friends or relatives. Nonetheless, before deciding on where to lay your head for the duration of your visit to a new city, it is advisable to consider the pros and cons of each option before making your choice.

Nonetheless, when you compare the pros of B&B inns against those of staying in a hotel, you will realize that a bed and breakfast inn provides more benefits than a hotel. 

If you are still convinced that bed and breakfast inns are better, here are three reasons you should opt to stay in a bed and breakfast inn instead of a hotel.  

Less Expensive

Typically, hotels are located near the central business district of a town or city. In contrast, B&B inns are usually located in remote or residential areas. Based on the location alone, it is easy to understand why hotels tend to be more expensive than bed and breakfast inns.

Typically, hotels use their proximity to the central business district as a reason for charging exorbitant prices for their rooms. However, bed and breakfast inns are residential houses that accommodate travelers in a homier environment. Due to their relatively remote location, bed and breakfast inns charge lower accommodation prices than hotels.

Thus, if you want to save money on your accommodation, a bed and breakfast inn is your best bet.

Free Complimentaries

If you think about it, when was the last time you stayed in a hotel and got offered free complimentaries such as:

  • Free breakfast
  • Free parking
  • Free Wi-Fi access
  • Free snacks

Typically, when you pay for a hotel room, if you need to use the Wi-Fi, park your vehicle, or have breakfast, these complimentaries are not free. Thus, hotels will usually charge extra for such complimentaries.

However, when you stay at a bed and breakfast inn, first and foremost, you are guaranteed a home-cooked breakfast every morning at no additional cost. Secondly, all bed and breakfast inns have parking lots for their guests. Thus, you get free parking for the duration of your stay. Thirdly, bed and breakfast usually provide free access to snacks and Wi-Fi.

Hence, when you book into a bed and breakfast inn, all the above compliments are free. Hence, staying in a bed and breakfast inn not only costs less, but you get more value for less money.

Homey Environment 

As mentioned earlier, bed and breakfast inns are usually located in quiet residential areas, whereas hotels are usually situated in the noisy central business district areas. 

As a result, if you want to feel at home during your stay in a different city, a bed and breakfast inn provides a homier feel than a hotel room. For instance, the rooms at a B&B inn have character because every room is decorated individually to give it a personalized feel. In comparison, hotel rooms are usually identical in terms of layout and decorations.

Secondly, at a bed and breakfast inn, you can interact with other guests during breakfast or while relaxing in the common rooms. However, in a hotel setting, the opportunities for interacting with other guests are pretty limited. As a result, most guests in a hotel rarely get to know each other during their stay.

Thus, a bed and breakfast inn provides a more comfortable and homey experience than a hotel can. As a result, when you stay at a bed and breakfast inn, the experience you receive is like staying at home but away from home.

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