Bring Your Furry Family Member on Vacation

15 July 2022
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Including your family pet in your family vacations can create lots of great memories, but it can also create some challenges. Here, you'll find a few ideas that can help traveling with your furry family member a little easier and safer for everyone.

Book a Pet-Friendly Hotel

Not every hotel will welcome your furry friend with open arms. Booking a pet-friendly hotel not only ensures that you'll be allowed to bring your friend to the room, but in most cases, an outdoor area is provided for your pet's convenience.

When booking your hotel, it's best to call the front desk directly to inquire about the pet regulations for that precise location. Some information online isn't always accurate, so to be on the safe side, call ahead.

Look into Pet Daycares

When you travel, chances are, your family will want to eat dinner in a restaurant or visit a center that isn't welcoming to pets. To avoid missing out on some of the activities in the area, look for a pet daycare center before your trip.

Spend time researching the options for the area and read the reviews. You can also ask the hotel front desk if they have recommendations in the area. It's possible that some pet daycare services may offer a discount if you're staying at a particular hotel chain.

Make Your Pet at Home

Bringing a few things along with you from home can make the stay in the room a little more comfortable for everyone. Things like:

  • A blanket that your pet prefers at home
  • A toy that doesn't cause too much excitement for indoor use
  • Wipes for your pet's feet when you come in and out of the room
  • Portable food and water dishes so you can choose to feed indoors or out
  • A crate if your pet is crate-trained. Now is not the time to begin crate training. It will likely result in lots of noise complaints and stress for your pet

Before You Go

Before you go, make sure that your pet is up-to-date on all vaccines.

Microchipping your pet is another good idea before you go. This way, if he or she wanders off, identification can be made quickly. If your pet is already microchipped, make sure that your contact information is accurate with the vet.

Lastly, put a GPS tracker on his or her collar. These can be picked up for next to nothing and will allow you to track your pet using your smartphone.

You can include your furry family member in your travels. With a little extra advance planning, everything can go great!