3 Reasons To Stay At An Airport Hotel On Your Next Business Trip Or Getaway

12 July 2023
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If you're planning a getaway or a business trip, an airport hotel may not be your first thought when it comes to accommodations. However, staying in an airport hotel has benefits you may not be aware of. It's worth taking a look at what the hotel offers and how much a room costs. The advantages vary according to the location of the airport in relation to the business center or local attractions. Here are three reasons staying at an airport hotel might be a good idea on your next trip. 

1. The Room Rate Could Be Less Expensive

Hotels in scenic settings or that offer resort-style amenities are often much more expensive. If you plan to spend most of your time out of your hotel, then the savings could be well worth it and help free up money for doing other things on your trip. Plus, you might even book a package that includes a hotel room, airport parking, and flight fare at a lower combined cost. If you like to control your spending when you travel, then staying at one of these convenient hotels could be a good choice.

2. The Hotels Are Usually Linked With Local Travel

You might be able to walk from the airport to your hotel, but if not, you'll be able to take a shuttle. If the airport is located near a downtown area, you might have convenient options for getting around the city, such as shuttles, cabs, rideshare, bus, rental car, and limo service.

Since airports have all kinds of local transportation available, you can take advantage of all they offer when you want to leave the hotel and go sightseeing or to a meeting. This could save you from the expense of a rental car and worrying about navigating unfamiliar roads and heavy traffic.

3. An Airport Hotel Is Convenient

The main reason to stay in an airport hotel is convenience. Having a hotel room waiting for you that's nearby is a relief after a long flight. You might even book a room if your flight is delayed or canceled and you need to ride out bad weather. It's much more comfortable to spend the night in a hotel bed rather than on a couch in the airport lobby. Plus, staying in the hotel the night before your flight makes it less stressful to get to your plane on time in the morning.

If your hotel offers easy access to the places you want to go in the city, then flying in and staying in the hotel until you fly out could make your business trip or getaway less expensive, more convenient, and less stressful. This is true if you fly to familiar territory, but even more so if you fly into a new city or country and aren't familiar with places and streets.

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